The Impact of President Trump as the Face of the GOP

Steve Adubato is joined by Doug Steinhardt, Chairman, New Jersey Republican State Committee, to discuss the Republican Party in New Jersey and nationally. Chairman Steinhardt offers commentary on President Trump as the face of the GOP, Governor Murphy’s leadership and the top issues facing New Jerseyans.

3/7/2020 #201






"We're pleased to welcome Doug Steinhardt chairman of the Republican state committee good to see you Doug. How are you? I'm doing great. How are the republicans doing in new jersey. We're doing great you know my parents had an old saying that good things in life don't just happen you know they think ideas an initiative and a little bit of hard work and above that kind of the courage to get yourself off the Sidelines to put yourself in the game and make things happen and I think for the two years that I’ve been chairman as a Party would be making things happen We should also make it clear that Mr. Steinhardt is considering a run for the governorship of the great state Of new jersey we'll be following that our colleagues at njtv news are doing that on a regular basis let's do this. What is your biggest concern about governor Murphy's policies in this state we're actually doing this program on the day that he's delivering his budget address go ahead yes, Steve I challenge you To walk down any street in new jersey and not find a family who hasn't been adversely impacted by the governor's Policies find me a family that doesn't have a child who can't afford to start a life here or parents or grandparents who Can't afford to retire here I think the governor's policies are tearing apart new jersey's families and they're killing new jersey's jobs and I’ll tell You where that resonated with me the most about a year ago well a year ago this month my daughter was spending six months studying overseas in London she was studying abroad and and you know I come from a real small warren county family my parents live on the same farm that my sister and I grew up on we still live in the same neighborhood we still have Sunday dinners together and for six months the only way I could communicate with my daughter was was on my cell phone and more and more new jersey families unfortunately are going through that same dilemma we lead the nation in the out migration of businesses and. People more jobs and more residents are leaving new jersey--You put that on governor Murphy. Yeah I do they're more-- It started with governor Murphy? For the last two years two years the united van lines study made clear that new jersey leads the nation in the out migration of residents and frankly I don't want to be one of those parents or grandparents that's gotta visit his kids or grandkids on his cell phone-- Mm...Because hey can't afford to buy a house here or..."