Joe Lee

“I appreciated the opportunity to appear on One-on-One with Steve Adubato to talk about public media’s vital role as trusted source for news and information.  In a society that is becoming increasingly divided, public media has an opportunity to serve its communities as convener and facilitator of discussion that can lead to positive solutions.  One-on-One helps serve that mission.”

- Joe Lee, Vice President & General Manager, NJ PBS

 U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D) – NJ

“I’ve known Steve Adubato for a long time and have always enjoyed his in-depth, and well-informed interviews. Because of his experience and knowledge, mixed with the ingenuity of the Caucus Educational Corporation, New Jersey residents are privy to educational, relevant, and newsworthy programming.”

- U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D) – NJ

Bob Feinberg

“Each time I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Steve on One-on-One, I’ve been flooded with emails and calls from viewers, all pleased to be reminded of Montclair Film and our latest activities! Steve has a great talent for asking just the right questions to get to the meat of the story.”

- Bob Feinberg, VP, General Counsel & Secretary, WNET NY Public Media & Founder and Chairman, Montclair Film

Phil Murphy

“State of Affairs has become one of the most popular and well-regarded public affairs programs in New Jersey. We’re grateful to Steve Adubato and his team for all they do to keep the public informed.”

- Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey

Monique Swift

"Racial trauma is truly an under-acknowledged public health crisis. I was, therefore, pleased with Steve's interest in centering this vitally important topic on his show. I especially appreciated the thoughtful, critical conversation that emerged and the spirited manner in which he engaged."

- Monique Swift, PsyD - Racial Trauma Expert, President, New Jersey Association of Black Psychologists

Mark Murphy, President, Lead New Jersey

“In this time when so many only shout their complaints and accusations, Steve and the Caucus programming present the issues that matter and the leaders who make us really think about what is best for our communities. Thank you, Steve, for your service to our State!”

- Mark Murphy, President, Lead New Jersey

Catherine Wilson

"State of Affairs with Steve Adubato is an essential platform for reaching the thought-leaders and decision makers in the State of New Jersey. United Way of Greater Newark’s greatest strength is our network of community and funding partners, and we value Steve’s support in helping to strengthen our mission of improving lives of children and families."

- Catherine Wilson, President & CEO, United Way of Greater Newark HCFNJ

Former NY Gov. David Paterson

“Steve has been a friend for many years. He used to frequently appear on my radio show to discuss the events of the world and I have always valued his reasoned perspective and thoughtful insights into our ever-changing political dynamics.”

- Former NY Gov. David Paterson

Maisha Simmons

"The platform that State of Affairs provides to have crucial conversations about issues impacting our community is essential to bring awareness to the general public. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation values the opportunity to share the importance of structural racism and health. By addressing these issues we can all build a culture of health to support the well-being of everyone living here in NJ."

- Maisha Simmons, Director, New Jersey Grantmaking, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D)-NJ

“Steve Adubato and the entire team at Think Tank provide an important public service to the residents of New Jersey. At a time when our state and our country are facing so many complex challenges, Steve shines a light on the issues that matter in the day-to-day lives of New Jerseyans.”

- U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D)-NJ

Taneshia Nash Laird

“Conversations such as the one I participated in on Think Tank help lift up issues like pay equity and implicit bias for women of color as well as the universal theme of managing the demands of being a working mother. Typically, we have to fight to spotlight those issues, so I appreciated Steve Adubato's interest and willingness to give voice to me, a woman of color, to speak my truth.”

- Taneshia Nash Laird, President & CEO, Newark Symphony Hall

Cecilia Zalkind

“New Jersey is at a critical turning point in how it supports child care following the pandemic. The Caucus Reimagine Child Care Town Hall could not be more timely. It lays out a clear roadmap for policy and funding change. Caucus remains a critically important forum for policy discussions in NJ. This is just one example of the impact of its programming,

- Cecilia Zalkind, President & CEO, Advocates for Children of NJ

John Harmon, Founder, President & CEO, African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

“The biggest obstacle to vaccinating the public is the lack of trust between the government and the black community over the years. My hope is that by sharing my perspective on shows like Think Tank, some will come to realize how important it is to protect themselves, their family and community by taking the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to them.”

- John Harmon, Founder, President & CEO, African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

Vicky Hernandez

“I appreciated the opportunity to appear on Think Tank to talk about the various ways the Pandemic has impacted Ironbound residents. Many of our community members live without a safety net and the support ICC offers to them has been critical during this time of crisis.”

- Vicky Hernandez, Executive Director, Ironbound Community Corporation

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D) - NJ, 6th Congressional District

“In a world where the news is constantly changing, I’m always grateful to talk to Steve about what’s going on in Washington and why it’s important to New Jersey.”

- U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D) - NJ, 6th Congressional District

Ronald G. Nahass

"Disinformation around public health emergencies is one of the major challenges health care providers face when trying to prevent, diagnose or treat pandemic or epidemic disease. State of Affairs gives up the opportunity as front-line providers to bring our expertise and experience to a broad audience, which is critically important to combating disinformation.”

- Ronald G. Nahass, MD, MHCM, FIDSA President, ID Care and Epidemiologist for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Adam Philipson

“Think Tank covers everything that’s great about New Jersey! Steve is as Garden State as it gets – and his passion for our region, as well as the affairs of his guests, present thought-provoking information to diverse and engaged viewers. As a nonprofit, it’s critical that we reach all segments of our population to share our mission, vision and resilience and there is no better platform than Think Tank!”

- Adam Philipson, President & CEO, Count Basie Center for the Arts

Anibal Ramos,Jr.,

“Think Tank with Steve Adubato is extremely important because it really highlights how non-profit organizations have been able to fill the resource gaps in our communities due to COVID. It’s all about getting the message out to the community and to the people of the state.”

- Anibal Ramos,Jr., North Ward Councilman, City of Newark

Sandy Mitchell

“Our experience on One on One with Steve Adubato was amazing! Getting this type of exposure is priceless as we build our organization. Project Help serves military and veterans in need and having this information broadcasted through the Steve Adubato program is like a gift from heaven.”

- Sandy Mitchell, Founder & Executive Director, Project Help

Rosie Grant

“Appearing on One-on-One with Steve Adubato was a wonderful opportunity to share our Paterson story. We were able to talk about the unique needs of our community as well as the strategies we are using to make a difference in the lives of our children. I hope that by sharing this information we may inspire others to join our PatersonReads campaign!”

- Rosie Grant, Executive Director, Paterson Education Fund

Sharnita Johnson

“The impact from COVID on the arts, cultural and historical sector has been devastating. Being on One-on-One with Steve Adubato will help us raise both awareness and funds necessary for NJACRF as we continue working on recovery and will reinforce the importance of the arts to our personal wellness, our community and our economy.”

- Sharnita Johnson, Program Director, Arts - Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and Co-Chair, New Jersey Arts & Recovery Fund

Neal Shapiro

"Shows like One-on-One with Steve Adubato are important because Steve makes it incredibly easy to be who you really are and say what you want to say in a smart, engaging way."

- Neal Shapiro, President & CEO, WNET

Mathew Knowles

"Local programming, like One-on-One, helps keep your ears and eyes on the street and let the people in the community have a voice. And that’s what local programming is – the voice in your community."

- Mathew Knowles, Founder & CEO, Music World Entertainment

Barry Ostrowsky

"Steve Adubato does a terrific job and really this is all about education. The public needs to understand information about many different sectors of both economy and the communities that we have in New Jersey. One-on-One with Steve Adubato is a great vehicle to provide that education for all of us."

- Barry Ostrowsky, President & CEO, RWJBarnabas Health

Jim Kirkos

“Appearing on Think Tank with Steve Adubato to talk about the plight of the Small Business community is an essential tool in addressing the real needs of small business owners while presenting critical information and awareness to available resources. Great learning comes from peer-to-peer discussions and Think Tank is a terrific vehicle for that learning.”

- Jim Kirkos, President & CEO, Meadowlands Chamber

CT Mobley

“Through our technology expertise, volunteerism, charitable giving, and a growing commitment to diverse suppliers, ADP is committed to giving back to our communities. We’re proud to join forces with the Caucus Educational Corporation to share our efforts and inspire others to take action by getting involved in their communities. Together, we can all make a difference.”

- CT Mobley, Division VP, Small Business Services, Diverse Business Channels at ADP

Sean Spiller

“In an era when sensationalism too often swamps substance in television news, Steve Adubato consistently produces useful, though-provoking programs for New Jersey viewers. State of Affairs and Think Tank provide a forum for New Jersey’s thought leaders to go in-depth on issues that affect the lives of New Jersey residents. That kind of journalism is more important than ever today."

- Sean Spiller, President, New Jersey Education Association

Marcus Sibley

"Steve Adubato has been a staple in New Jersey for decades, bringing important issue to light by showcasing those doing the actual work. We hope his tremendous following takes an interest in learning more about environmental justice, and the links to social justice. We know that politics and racism play a role in where polluting facilities are placed, so we're all at risk. No matter what you believe in, and we all must take an active role in saving our planet.”

- Marcus Sibley, MSW, Chairman, Environmental & Climate Justice Committee, NAACP New Jersey State Conference

Joyce Campbell

“Steve Adubato is so well known and respected in New Jersey, that having the opportunity to promote TASK on Think Tank will no doubt inform more residents about food insecurity and what we are doing to ameliorate it.”

- Joyce Campbell, Executive Director, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

Suzanne Buchanan

“Through conversations with parents and professionals, Think Tank with Steve Adubato shines a welcome light on families’ challenges and offers society a respectful and nuanced glimpse into their lives. It’s public television at its best because these conversations are the foundation of a more compassionate society for individuals with autism.”

- Suzanne Buchanan, Psy.D., BCBA-D, Executive Director, Autism New Jersey

Michele Siekerka

"It’s a great opportunity to take really critical issues impacting us here in the state of New Jersey and beyond the state of New Jersey. To take a deeper dive and really look at what is causing some of the challenges and impediments to us moving forward and then coming up with solutions."

- Michele Siekerka, President & CEO,

New Jersey Business & Industry Association

Michael Maron

"I think shows like Think Tank with Steve Adubato are essential for people in the community to understand current issues, what is going on, to have both sides or as much information for them to make informed decisions as they go through life every day."

- Michael Maron, President and CEO, Holy Name Medical Center