The Impact of Millennials in the Workforce Today

Christian Estrellado, Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer, Estro Digital Communications, sits down with Steve Adubato to describe his journey as an entrepreneur and to discuss his thoughts on millennials in the workforce today.

6/22/19 #107






"Think Tank welcomes Christian Estrellado, who is co-founder and Chief Digital Officer, Estro Digital Communications. Good to see you. Oh, pleasure. Describe your company. Well, Estro Digital Communications, we're a digital marketing agency, and we focus on website development and e-commerce, and we focus on medical, hospitality, and real estate industries. We were... your friends, our friends as well, at Commerce and Industry told us about you. Yes. Good. And they told us about the fact that you're involved in something called Generation Now. Oh, great. What is that? Fantastic. So Generation Now is a subcommittee of CIANJ, and it focuses on people who are 45 and under who we believe are being groomed by their superiors over at their firms and their companies to take over leadership roles. The biggest thing that we wanted to do was to, both, not just train Millennials in the workplace, but also give them a sense of recognition and sort of empowerment for them to actually start growing. And so they don't just leave their jobs that joke "two years and quit" - a lot of the people on our group, Generation Now, they've been at their companies for about five-ten years already. And they started in their 20s. So give us some advice. In our production company, we've had some incredibly... we do have incredibly talented, quote unquote, "Millennials". Mm hmm. Right? And by the way, I don't even know if the term is. What does it mean age-wise? Is it just in your 20s? Well, Pew Research recently just put something out in January. Millennials are now considered 1981 to 1996. Really? The Centennials, 1996 and up. But the funny thing is about Millennials is that they really... that Millennial attitude that you talk about really don't kick in till the mid 80s to the 90s. So I was born in 1981. And I'm in that cusp of Gen X and Millennial. But there is a different sense of attitude for that. And... What do you think it is? Because I've been fascinated by the talent, the commitment to hard work of the Millennials we had. But in all candor, there are times that it's tough to keep Millennials. And I often ask, "Is it us? What are we doing? What could I be doing differently?" And then I ask, "Is there something different about certain Millennials, and about the Millennial culture, if there's such a thing, that moving on is the norm?" Even if it's a decent gig? Yeah. You know what? I think that's two very good questions. First, I think with the Millennials, I just think because of social media, they ended up with a lot of instant gratification. Where they're looking for that promotion, or that big..."