The Future of the Republican Party

Think Tank with Steve Adubato convenes four policy experts to examine The Future of the Republican Party in the Age of Trump. This panel discusses the state of the party in New Jersey, issues such as property taxes and affordability and the impact of President Trump’s leadership style and rhetoric on the party nationally.

Panelists include:
Sen. Michael Doherty (R) - NJ
Jeanette Hoffman, Republican Strategist & President, Marathon Public Affairs
Bill Spadea, Host, “Morning Drive” on New Jersey 101.5 & “Chasing News” on My9 & FOX 5
Dale Florio, Republican Strategist & Managing Partner, Princeton Public Affairs Group


8/24/19 #110






"Welcome to Think Tank. I'm Steve Adubato. We're in fact coming to you from the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio here in Brick City, Newark, New Jersey. The future of the Republican Party. Everything you wanted or needed to know about the Republican Party, you're gonna find out right now. Four distinguished guests. First Jeanette Hoffman, a Republican strategist and President of Marathon Public Affairs, State Senator Michael Doherty, representing New Jersey's 23rd Legislative District, the first state legislator to endorse candidate Trump before he became the president obviously, Bill Spadea, host of Morning Drive in New Jersey 101.5 and Chasing News on My9 and Fox 5, and also finally, Dale Florio, a Republican strategist and founder of Princeton Public Affairs Group. I want to thank all of you for joining us. Thank you. Good to be here. Thanks Steve. Great to be here. The Republican Party? Listen, we did a... check out a former... a past Think Tank show we did on the future of the Democratic Party. I don't know if it's really one party. [laughter] Is the Republican Party this big tent, Dale, that comes together, and all the Republicans in one party? Are you one party? Are we talking about New Jersey? Or are we talking about the nation? Is there a different answer to that? Yeah there is. Go ahead. Make the case. There is. Listen, I think in New Jersey, we're a little bit smaller right now than we'd like to be, but just watching what's going on across the other side of the aisle, the prospects are very good in New Jersey for Republicans. Let me get this straight. So you look at the Democrats and that's how you judge how you're doing? [laughter] What it tells me is... [laughter] What... no, what it tells me is the move to the left, is gonna get... On the Democratic side? On the Democratic side. Is gonna get those folks that are sitting in the middle, looking to see, you know, "What party do I want to align myself with?" And they're gonna shift back to us. What do you say...? They've done it. Yeah. No, I think Democrats are totally overplaying their hand here in New Jersey. I think Phil Murphy came in to being governor thinking he had this mandate, that New Jersey is such a liberal state, and he is really taking on... Are we? No. We're purple, Steve..."