TD Bank Initiatives Aim to Serve Communities Better

Taped at NJPAC, Senior Vice President of Marketing at TD Bank, Allegra Sandelli, explains the “Bank Human” and “Bring Change” initiatives to better help serve the people in their communities.

#1924 11/7/2016






"We're pleased to be joined by Allegra Sandelli, senior vice president of marketing at TD Bank. How you doing? I'm doing well Steve. How about you Great. Now we are at NJPAC. You guys have a strong connection to the PAC and also this community? Yes we do. Right down the street we have the Ironbound community. Mm hmm. By the way, describe the Ironbound, which you know well. I do. I do. It's... my husband was born and brought up in the Ironbound and I'm very familiar with it. Spent a lot of my years in Newark, so it's very fond memories and I still come back to enjoy some of the things that Newark brings to us. And as part of TD Bank I'm really delighted that we just opened a new store on the edge of the Ironbound on Market Street, and it is right on the edge of the Portuguese community, and also open to the business community in Newark. And so we were very excited to really, you know, have activities that featured Portuguese dancing, and foods and things for our opening, just to show the community we understood and we're so glad to be a part of it. You know, talk about the community. It's interesting there are a couple of things I want to touch on. And we know TD well, and I often say to disclose, the TD Foundation's been supportive of our youth program, Stand and Deliver, youth leadership, and TD's been a big supporter of public broadcasting. Our program at the CEC, but there are a couple of initiatives that are very community oriented. One is called Bank Human? Mm hmm. What is it? So Bank Human really is a kind of a tagline for TD Bank that is really about the way we serve our customers, and the way we look to our communities. We want to be part of the community in a very important way, and we are... Banking Human is part of our culture. It's how we look at things, how we try to be more convenient for customers. How we try to make sure that we represent our communities that we serve and that we are, you know, an integral part of that. And Banking Human is not about just serving customers in their banking transactions, it's about serving their needs as human beings. Back it up for a second. Give us a concrete example, Allegra, of how it could actually... but first of all we want the hours, the convenient hours, we want friendly service, all those things that anyone would want at any bank, right? Mm hmm. But what does it mean to serve the community beyond that? So I think, you know, it's part..."