NJIT President Examines Murphy's Agenda for Higher Education

Steve Adubato and Dr. Joel Bloom, President of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, talk about Governor Murphy’s agenda for higher education including his thoughts on affordability and free community college in NJ.

5/12/18 #212






"There he is, he's smiling right now, we'll see in a few, he is our good friend Dr. Joel Bloom, President of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Good to see you. Good to see you Steve. We should also make clear you are a trustee of the Caucus Educational Corporation and something else, this is NJBIZ, if you don't look at NJBIZ, you should, good information here, they put out a Power List every year? Yup. You made it again? Yes, several years now. Oh you...! [laughter] People can figure that out. Several years, yeah. And also ROI, which is another publication. Right. Return on Information on that power list as well, get that out of the way. I know you don't try to make a list, but you make a list of a powerful influential person, how much does that help you do what you need to do as President of NJIT? Well you're a more recognizable figure in the state of New Jersey. People who are in this business, and it's a big business, look for themselves as well. So if they see a university on the move, which we are, they see a university that's growing. The University - you - are more recognizable, everyone likes to affiliate with success and I think we are rather successful. So that's why it's important. The other thing I was picking up in this publication and others, and also check out nj.com, you'll see this as well, July in 2018 there's going to be a Voice Summit, three-day Voice Summit, Amazon Alexa hosting it, I know NJIT is involved, talk about it, because I knew you and Mayor Baraka were talking about it publicly on NJTV News. Check it out. So they were looking to host this conference, three cities were finalists, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Newark. We won the bid, and we won the bid in part because of that new building we built called the Wellness and Event Center. So, you know, 4,500 people for conferencing, state-of-the-art facility, technical great space, and everyone seems to be watching Newark these days. Why? Well I think because, one, we've had significant corporate interest, mostly in the tech fields in Newark, two, we have major assets in the city from transportation, to an airport, to a port, to good highways, to a light rail, and it's a little less expensive than being across the river from that other great city. Right. New York City. So I think Newark is truly on a... it's... I don't even think it's a... it's a long distance race, I think it's a bit of a sprint these days in people wanting to come and get interested in Newark, so they chose..."