Celebrating 50 Seasons of Sesame Street

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Rosemarie Truglio, PhD, Senior Vice President of Curriculum and Content at Sesame Workshop as well as the author of "Ready for School!" to discuss the historic Season 50 of Sesame Street as well as ways to help parents and children prepare for school.

3/9/2020 #2279






"Best show ever. Thank you. Dr. Rosemarie Truglio is Senior vice president of curriculum and content at sesame workshop and the author of this compelling book ready for school parents guide to playful learning for children 2 to 5 thank you for joining us. Oh thank you for having me why does sesame street matter so much to all of us but particularly our children? Well sesame street is not only helping us prepare children for school but preparing children for life mm...It's a comprehensive curriculum no we are often Thought of as the letter and number show but we're so much more it is a comprehensive curriculum and more recently we've been focusing on the Skills that help children learn so not only what to learn but how to learn--Such as--Process skills--Excuse me for interrupting. 50th anniversary--Yes. Don't you say those skills Are? Talk about them. Oh those skills are yes they're the academic skills beyond that. Yeah beyond that-- The life skills particularly the very polarized divisive world some what mean I’m sorry I don't want to get political why is it more important than Ever before? Well we have to learn how to understand each other we have to learn to know more about ourselves and how we relate to Others you talked about kindness right where it we're mean well sesame is think about the community it is a diverse and inclusive community with tremendous empathy And tremendous amount of empathy it's about taking the perspective of others that's what empathy is but it's more Than empathy it's compassion the actions that you do the behaviors so when we focus on kindness we show kids what does Kindness look like it's not enough to just say please and thank you right that's that's that's just those are manners but true kindness is seeing That someone needs help and your willingness to recognize that that situation and the emotion and to find out how you could address that person to Help the person and to make the person feel better There's no it's oops and ah's. Okay oops and aha's. Oh aha's, I’m sorry-- Yeah aha's and the reason why season 50-- sesame street's curriculum focus changes every year it's a whole child curriculum but it's a dynamic curriculum because we're always meeting the needs of today's children, Right. What do what are the best practices and what are the needs that we need to address through the content we create so when we were preparing for season 50 we learned a lot About the amount of stress and pressure that our young children are dealing with we are dealing the adults are dealing with amount of stress and pressure and it's..."