Scarlyn Veloz

Video Operator/Engineer

Scarlyn Veloz has over 10 years of experience in Camera Operation and Video Engineering for Television. He also has experience in filmmaking, where he has worked as camera operator for feature films and several music videos.

Scarlyn is in charge of all home studio operations for the Caucus Educational Corporation and Stand & Deliver.

As a freelance Video Operator/Engineer, Scarlyn travels around the country providing video expertise to various TV stations and large Broadcast events. Some of the events he has worked on include the 2018 Spotify’s Pre Grammy-Bash, New York Time’s “Time Talks” and Call of duty World League among others.

Scarlyn currently works as a Robotic Camera Operator, Video Operator and Engineer for different Companies including, CUNY TV, FOX NEWS, SNY, NE Productions, Cue 2 Cue and Jib Tek.

Scarlyn worked on the film “Early light” directed by Geoffray Barbier which is currently on Amazon Prime Video.