Rep. Pallone Examines the CLEAN Future Act

Steve Adubato is joined by U.S. Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. (D) - NJ to discuss the CLEAN Future Act; reducing the costs of drug prescriptions; the vaping ban in New Jersey and the impact of political discourse today.  

3/21/2020 #202





Welcome to think-tank I’m Steve Adubato we are honored to be joined here in the studio by united states congressman frank Pallone he is the chairman of the house energy and commerce committee representing the 6th congressional district your ranking where in seniority in the house right now? I'm guessing but I was I think like maybe 14th or something like that. How long you've been there? It'll be 32 years in November will you even admit that we served in a legislature together in the mid eighties? I admit all the time but when people ask me how many years I’ve been in congress oftentimes I’ll try to avoid the question (laughter) listen, the congressman let's get right into some major issues the clean air act versi excuse me the clean future act versus the new green deal because it's a big issue for you the environment global warming what is the clean future act and how is it different than the new green deal go. Well what happened is when the democrats took over the majority last year in--2018? Right we decided that it was very important to address climate change and as you may or may not know for the eight years when we were not in the majority in our committee which has most of the jurisdiction over these issues the republicans would never allow a hearing on the issue of course you could debate it and bring it up because it's a free country but never a hearing nothing formal so to speak so there's not in my opinion there's not much difference between the green new deal and the clean future act in the sense they're both trying to address climate the one thing that people make a big deal about is that we use the the deadline of 2050 because that's what the un says and most of the scientists say if you don't address this by then we're gonna have a major you know catastrophe the green new deal says that you know we should use a deadline of 2030 which is nine years away-- to do what? Well they let me explain that you could use the clean future act and do it quicker if you have the political will and the votes to do that so I don't think there's that much of a different--to do what? Well let me give you an example you go sector by sector so one is the power sector right and the power sector we said you have to have net zero emissions by 2050 which means that you know you can use a combination of renewables or carbon capture or whatever but you can't have any additional greenhouse gases emitting into the atmosphere and then you similar for the..."