Mo Rocca Talks About His New Book, "Mobituaries"

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Mo Rocca, Correspondent, CBS Sunday Morning and Author, "Mobituaries,” who talks about his new book where he gives the proper send-off to some notable individuals in our country’s history.

1/21/2020 #2273






"This is One on One. (music playing) One on one is pleased to welcome Mo Rocca correspondent CBS Sunday morning And author of the book Mobituaries. How you doing I’m doing great thanks for having me Steve great by the way not every guest comes in with their own crew the CBS crew was just in here before doing promos because he serves in your contract? Yeah they follow you everywhere Yeah I have a I have a posse. You do? It's a very impressive posse. Set up this book For us, The premise a Mobituary is My kind of obituary is an appreciation for someone that I don't think got the Send-off he or she or it deserved the First time around someone who might Still be a household name but is not remembered in the way that I think that person should be remembered somebody who Was meant once maybe wildly famous but fell off the map. Mm hm. Somebody who was never acknowledged Basically someone or something I’m Interested in. And you also have a podcast to go with this, right? Yes. Did Farah Fawcett don't take this the wrong way We get screwed on the day she died she did she Did? She did because Farah Fawcett in the Morning everyone was that morning back in 2009 everybody was talking about the Death of Farah Fawcett who didn't love Farah Fawcett and then Michael Jackson. A much more shocking death yes. Because Farah had been sick for a while died and eclipsed her and I wanted to give her some love I have a whole section of the book on famous people who died the same day and I think the 70s were sorry. Were kind of a sluggish time I remember much of the 70s fondly but you know, people were in a funk, In a malaise right and Farah came Along and she was exciting and she kind of could you imagine someone actually Have a poster Of Farah Fawcett In their bedroom in Newark new jersey when they're they never mind I’m sorry I just, I'm just saying hypothetically...I thought it was…Either you or tony Manero we were Talking about (laughter) you gotta go Italian on me. Yeah. You can do that well you can. My last name's Rocca. I said you could Do that so, yes. Yes. So, Farah Fawcett’s one. Who are some of the other folks that you write about in the book that really we need to Recognize and acknowledge? Thomas Paine is one of the people and a mate who has a new jersey connection but he, he is great constitution Founders one of our Founding fathers right? Absolutely why did he get the shaft? Because he had essentially a Terrible Personality..."