Mathew Knowles Discusses His New Book on Destiny's Child

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Mathew Knowles, Founder & CEO, Music World Entertainment, who talks about previously managing the careers of his daughters, Solange and Beyoncé, as well as the girl group Destiny’s Child. They also talk about his new book, "Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story," “colorism” in the entertainment industry and his recent breast cancer diagnosis.

1/27/2020 #2274






"Hi I'm Steve Adubato this is the TISH WNET studio here in the heart of Manhattan Lincoln Center our honor to introduce Matthew Knowles founder and CEO of music world entertainment good to see you. Hey good morning Steve. When did you get fascinated by the entertainment music world well as a kid I did you know I was a DJ at 12 years old you know I lived in the south my parents used to go and to church on Sundays and then help Sunday dinner and then they would go and dance in a living room that we were prohibited and going to had the plastic over the sofa they were dad said I would have to put the quarter nickel and dime on top of the needle-- Wow. To make sure the vinyl didn't skip so I finally learned a playlist and just got fascinated by music. When did you know that you had not just one but two daughters Beyoncé and Solange who are extremely talented in different ways when did you know? Well talent is one thing and a gift is another is it different? A big--Go ahead. Big, big diff yeah big difference you can you could develop a star do hard work but these kids were born Stars and they were passionate about music that's all they wanted to do since they were little kids is sing and dance, sing and dance so you know a role of a parent is to surround your kids and give them all the tools That they need to be successful I didn't care what they did in life I just wanted them to be happy, wanted them to be successful. You didn't have to push. I don't have to push at all I and I go around the country and I say what's the difference of knowing when your kid really is passionate is if you have to tell them to go to practice then You know it's a hobby trust me I've been there. I said how much do you love baseball, I don't want to work that hard I can't you know you know that's-- It's okay. It is okay. It's okay. And pushing isn't always the best thing. Yeah So tell us about this by the way Matthew has a new book coming out title is Destiny's Child the untold story and came out actually two days ago. Okay by the way we're taping at the end, middle of December go get the book. Okay. Go ahead Yes the book is it ha ha ha ha. Wait, so the book comes in and but it's got is..."