Comedian Joe Piscopo Shares His Thoughts on 2020 Election

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Joe Piscopo, actor, comedian and host of "The Joe Piscopo Show" on AM970 The Answer, to talk about his vast career, time on Saturday Night Live, and thoughts on President Donald Trump and the 2020 Election. 8/5/19 #2238






"Let me tell you, I love this job. You know why I love this job? Because you get to talk to fascinating people, and good friends. In this case, it's the same guy in one. This is Joe Piscopo. How are you? Good to see you! He's a star of stage and screen. You look tremendous. I've been up since 3 o'clock. I've been up since 3. Well tell everybody why you were up at 3. Your show starts when? At 6 o'clock. AM 970 The Answer. To when? Til 10? Until 10 o'clock. It's four hours of radio. Who came up with this idea Steve? I... How are you man? Good to see you. You know, you get more handsome as you get older. Two words. Look at him! Dorian... [laughter] ...Gray! ...Gray. [laughter] My mother... you know, my mother... Bloomfield...? ...Avenue! ...Avenue! That's right! Alright. [laughter] We can do this all day. [laughter] You want to talk about The Godfather? No! I'm joking! [laughter] I know! We did... every... it's a joke. When I'm supposed to be on Joe's... talking about public policy. Can I say something right off the bat? Yeah. Go. Can I...? Thank you. He's gonna be out of control already. You do much for Newark man. The Adubato family, legendary in Newark. It's like royalty in Newark. Right? My family comes up... mom was born in East Kinney Street. Dad was born up in Mount Prospect Avenue. My grandfather, Rosario, had a hat store on Bloomfield Avenue! Look at this. Look at it. So... And then you moved up the avenue, west to the Caldwells? They went with all the WASPs. Did you go to Bloomfield...? To the WASPs. And we didn't know what... I didn't know what my street was. What high school did you go to? West Essex High School. West Essex? And you know what? My 20th reunion... I thought you were thrown out? That night I did! [laughter] I knew you were! [laughter] Eight times! I broke the record! I know. And they still invited me to the reunion! Okay. You... I cut off your story. Go ahead. What were you gonna say? No. It's great that, you know we're all part of the Raymond Chambers... our mentor. Yes. And a saint... The great philanthropist. Saint Raymond. And he has put so much into this town. And you have too. It's great. I'm coming in. It's Newark. New Jersey! This is NJTV! It's busy. NJTV is in Newark. It's making it happen. Again, you stay in Newark! Okay. Joe, you ready? Yes. Yes. Can we talk some things outside of the things that... No. No. No. No. Just don't... and I just like talking about? ...make eye contact with me. I'll be..."