CNN's Chris Cuomo on Challenges the Media Faces Today

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Chris Cuomo, Anchor of CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, to discuss challenges the media faces today and covering the Trump administration.

1/14/2020 #2271






"Welcome to One on One. I'm Steve Adubato. From the Tisch WNET Studio. Once again, you saw him in the open. We have him. He's here right now. He's Chris Cuomo, anchor of CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, every night, 9:00 PM. Good to see you buddy. Good to see you Doctor! Good to see you buddy. You know, I'd love to have you on where we can talk about fun things... Italian life, growing up in a family... Me too! Yeah. We can't though. We're doing this... [laughter] We're taping... you'll see it on the screen, December the 4th. Put things in perspective. You were talking about tonight's show. Look at tonight's show and moving forward. For the next three to six months, are we gonna be talking about the same thing? Three to six months? I don't think so. Because the Democrats seem to be in a hurry I think it's one of the biggest points of vulnerability for them in this process, is the speed... what they explained as the alacrity. But just because you use a big word, it doesn't change the idea. Why so fast? Their better argument is that they are being stymied. That... well, you won't give us, you won't produce, and the litigation is really a distraction, and we don't need it. So that's why we're just doing this at the pace which we find. Not rushing. The argument that they're rushing suggests what? Well it may be the truth. Which is they're making a political calculation. Which is not wrong. This is a political process. But they want to get this done quickly enough. Impeachment is a political process? It is. It is inherently, by definition, and with all expectations, political. To even compare it... well, you know, in a court of law Steve, we would... But the Founders knew that it was different. That's why they didn't list homicide, kidnapping, and burglary as what they wanted and what they listed. They listed bribery? Right. And? Treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors. But they did so in clear historical context to an impeachment that they were watching at the time, when they were in the Convention and doing the thinking around this. Which is, of course, a very protracted process. And they were mirroring what was happening, in a state of reflection, which was the UK. And what they were trying to do was capture the same kind of perfidy, the faithlessness, the breach, the abuse of power that they saw being tried in England. That's what they wanted to catch. You're abusing your job. You're doing it for your own interests. And you're involving foreign powers. That makes it the worst. Chris, let me ask you this. You and I have talked offline a fair amount, and I let you know what I'm thinking..."